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You have questions and concerns – Tom Dunlap is the San Diego real estate professional with the answers and solutions.

You can count on Tom for:

  • Extensive knowledge of the San Diego real estate market: Tom has covered every corner of San Diego County, working with both buyers and sellers… and his staff studies the sales statistics and inventory carefully, so he can tell you when the price is right – or wrong.
  • Years of experience in helping San Diego home buyers and sellers realize their goals.
  • Skill in negotiations: Associate Broker Tom Dunlap is a former litigation attorney – and he holds a Master’s Degree in negotiation from the University of San Diego School of Law.
  • A sterling reputation in the San Diego real estate community: Why does this matter? Because other agents trust Tom, they are happy to cooperate with him in showing their listings. They do so with the confidence that his offers will be presented in a professional and complete manner. Further, they know that Tom assists his buyers through the inspection and financing processes, and keeps his transactions moving along smoothly.They’re also happy to show Tom’s listings, because they know their offers will be handled fairly.

In addition, Tom has something that’s becoming rare in today’s world: A genuine desire to get the most beneficial results for each and every client.

Buying or selling a home in San Diego right now can be a satisfying, pleasurable, and rewarding experience when you have Tom at your side.

Tom will help you with every aspect of buying or selling a home anywhere in San Diego County.

You can reach him by writing td@tomdunlap.com or by calling 619-325-4170.