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Bankers Hill

The name “Bankers Hill” conjures up visions of wealth and prosperity, and of course, that’s how it got the name. In the early days of San Diego, affluent citizens purchased real estate on this hill overlooking downtown and constructed homes befitting their position in life. These well-to-do homeowners included San Diego’s successful bankers, doctors, and attorneys.

Many of their Victorian mansions still remain. While some have been converted into bed and breakfast inns or professional office space, some of the most beautifully restored Victorian homes on Bankers Hill are still private residences. You’ll find these priced at the high end of Bankers Hill real estate offerings.

Architectural diversity seems to define San Diego, and this neighborhood is no exception. Along with graceful and historic single family homes, you’ll find new condos for sale on Banker’s Hill.


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Choose Banker’s Hill for the lifestyle…

What does separate the Bankers Hill neighborhood from the San Diego norm is a “Walking lifestyle” that attracts both young professionals and empty nesters. Downtown San Diego and the shopping district of Hillside are both close by, as is Balboa Park. Night life is also within walking distance, with a variety of restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes to choose from.kitchen

For those who jog or who walk for the pure pleasure of it, the Bankers Hill hiking trails offer fantastic views and an abundance of historical landmarks, including its famous footbridges.

The Quince Street wood trestle bridge overlooks Maple Canyon and offers a view of Point Loma and the Bay. A little further on, joggers and walkers cross the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, which spans Kate Sessions Canyon. And yes, it does sway as you traverse its 375 foot span. School children on field trips have dubbed it the “wobbly bridge.”

Little known even to residents is the secluded Upas Street Footbridge, which spans Cabrillo Canyon and connects the meandering bridal trail that winds throughout Balboa Park.

If you yearn for an active lifestyle, yet want to be close to everything, come and let us introduce you to the neighborhood that has it all. Condos and single family homes for sale on Bankers Hill are priced from $250,000 on up to more than a million for the most luxurious.

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