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Just because there is a shortage of homes for sale…
Should you call for a real estate agent like you call for an Uber ride?
San Diego median home prices slightly down from July’s All-time high
San Diego Housing Inventory at Low Numbers
The Current Equilibrium in San Diego real Estate
Automated Pricing is Unreliable, and Often Misleading
Top 1%
What is TIC (Tenants-in-Common) Ownership and Why Should You Consider It?
In a San Diego 1031 Exchange, What is “Like Kind” Property?
History of the 1031 Exchange
A San Diego 1031 Exchange is Not a Do-it-Yourself Project
In a San Diego 1031 Exchange, what does the word “exchange” really mean?
Doing a Successful San Diego 1031 Exchange Means Following the Rules
Zombie Foreclosures – an Endless Nightmare
Loan Modifications: The big promise / the even bigger disappointment
If you have a home to sell in San Diego, today’s market is good news.
Loan Modifications – The First Step Breaks Homeowners’ Hearts
Fannie Mae to Allow On-time Borrowers to Walk Away… Should You Sign a Deed-in-Lieu?
How Insolvency Can Help You Avoid an IRS Bill
Can I Short Sell a San Diego House in Probate?
Short Sales Frequently Asked Questions
Residential Real Estate Investment Calculator
The Importance of a Reasonable Purchase Offer
Before You Leave the House to View San Diego Homes for Sale, Get Prepared
Searching for a San Diego Home
Why Do I Need My Own Agent?
What’s the difference between “prequalified” and “Pre-approved?”
Become pre-approved for a mortgage loan before beginning your San Diego home search.
How a ½% rise in interest rates will affect your buying power
Tom Dunlap
Bank Says “Too bad” about failed Loan Modifications
Is a Deed-in-lieu safer or better than allowing a foreclosure?
How a Short Sale Will Affect Your Ability to Buy Another Home
Don’t use your Visa to make your San Diego home mortgage payment!
What hardship prevents you from making mortgage loan payments?
Want the bank to agree to a short sale of your home? You’ll probably need to stop making payments.
The Value of Persistence in a Short Sale
For Bank’s Short Sale Negotiators, Common Sense is not a requirement
If I don’t have to pay income tax on my forgiven mortgage debt, why did I get a 1099 form?
In Short Sales, Knowledge is Power
Help! I don’t have the money for my property taxes!
In a San Diego short sale, do I have to know who owns my mortgage loan?
Forensic Loan Audits – Do You Need One?
Short Sale Success is Often Determined by the Initial Application
Can I buy back the house I’m short selling?
Who decides which short sale offer to accept? The Homeowner.
Beware of Loan Modification Scams
Why Won’t My Agent Show Me Short Sale Listings?
Can I Ever Own Another Home After a San Diego Short Sale?
Divorce – what to do with the house?
Are the Banks Negligent, Indifferent, or Inefficient?
Why Over 40% of California Short Sales Fail to Close
I’ve stopped making payments. Do I have time to short sell before foreclosure?
Does your short sale real estate agent know how to prepare a HUD-1?
A Dozen Tips to set your San Diego home above the competition
What does it cost to list my San Diego home as a short sale?
Should You Keep Making Payments on an Underwater Home?
What Would Dave and Suze Advise About a Short Sale?
San Diego Real Estate Market Trends
If I short sell my home, will I have to pay the property taxes that are in arrears?
What About Strategic Default?
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Short Sales
Search For Homes
Global Investment
Discover SD
When should I consider a San Diego short sale?
What Are The Alternatives to Foreclosure?
What possible tax issues might I have with a short sale?
What possible credit issues might I have with a short sale?
How long does a short sale take?
Will I be able to buy another home after a San Diego short sale?
Is it possible to just walk away?
How do you get paid when you represent me in a San Diego short sale?
What happens if my second mortgage is really a San Diego home equity line of credit (HELOC)?
What is an upside down mortgage?
What is a Deed in Lieu?
What is loan modification, and should I attempt it?
What is forbearance?
What are recourse loans?
What are deficiency judgments?
Can I Short Sale My Vacation Home or Second Home?
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Is Right Now a Good Time to Invest in San Diego Real Estate?
REO’s and Short Sales – Aren’t They Dangerous?
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Failed loan modifications – 3 stories and a warning