In Short Sales, Knowledge is Power

Sometimes you have to wonder if the bank negotiators even know their own investor’s guidelines. And if they do know the guidelines, why they put roadblocks in front of residents trying to short sale their homes.

Each investor does have their own guidelines for short sales, which is why a short sale agent’s first step in preparing a short sale package is learning who owns the loan. The next step is knowing that investor’s guidelines.

If the agent doesn’t have that information, an uncooperative short sale negotiator can “run a bluff” or tell an outright lie, and the short sale agent won’t know the difference.

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A short sale saved by knowledge…

Not long ago I closed a Kensington short sale owned by Fannie Mae. The bank’s appraiser said this San Diego area home was worth $620,000.

Because I’ve closed short sales on Fannie Mae owned homes many times, I knew their guidelines and what they would accept as a percentage of that value.

But, when I presented an offer for $6,000 more than the price we knew was acceptable under those guidelines, the short sale negotiator countered the offer. She said the investor would not go that low and buyers must pay more. They had seen other homes they liked and in fact had a “fall back” home in mind if the bank refused this offer. They weren’t going to pay more.

Because I knew this was an acceptable offer, I was able to persuade the negotiator to accept the offer as it was presented. Had I not known the Fannie Mae guidelines, this sale would have fallen through and the home would have become yet another foreclosure.

Knowledge is one of the reasons why after several years of negotiating short sales, I have a 98% success record in keeping homeowners out of foreclosure.

Every short sale situation is different. If you’d like specific answers that relate to your situation, call 619-929-1413 or write I’ll be happy to answer your questions and to explain the short sale process.

If you’re underwater on a home in California and need to sell, I can help.

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