Just because there is a shortage of homes for sale…

Right now, in Southern California and many other areas across the U.S., there are more buyers looking for homes than homes for sale.

Does that mean that every home on the market will sell?


Even in a seller’s market, a home must be priced right and presented in a In a sellers market, not all homes will sellmanner consistent with the price. For top price, the home must be in top condition, presented well, made readily available for viewing, and marketed well.

After that, it requires a skilled agent to assist the seller through negotiations and bring the transaction to closing. Dozens of things can go wrong between agreement and closing, but a talented and determined agent can solve the problems, help you renegotiate when necessary, and keep all parties on track to a successful completion.

Preparation for selling is an important key to success. The house must be in good repair, clean inside and out, and “neutralized” to appeal to the greatest number of buyers.

What does “neutralizing” mean with regards to a house? It means freshening with neutral paint and/or flooring colors, and removing family photos, collections, trophies, and other items of personalization. This is where a talented stager becomes a valuable asset. The good news is that “neutral” is no longer limited to white and beige. The new neutrals include greys, sage greens, and even light mauves.

A home in poor condition can sell – but only if it is priced correctly. In this case, buyers are looking at what it will cost to bring the house back into condition. And of course, there are buyers who are looking for just such houses. Some will “fix and flip” while others will live in the house and enjoy the equity they’ve created through their own labors.

When contemplating a sale, meet with an experienced agent to discuss what steps you should take to put your house in the best possible light for selling. Depending upon your circumstances, it may be best to take the time to put the house in top showing condition – or to make a quick sale “as is.”

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