San Diego Housing Inventory at Low Numbers

Where did all those Home for Sale signs go? They’ve become scarce in San Diego County, leaving home buyers in a competitive situation that few anticipated.

In cities like San Diego, the “buyer’s market” is a thing of the past. Homes are selling faster than they’re coming on the market, and those who seek to get an under market value bargain are finding themselves shut out.

Serious home buyers need to confine their search to the price range they can afford; then work with an experienced buyer’s agent with a good reputation in the real estate community.

Tom Dunlap fits that description.

What difference does the agent make? All the difference.

First, Tom knows what our buyers can ask for safely and what will lead to an automatic rejection. Then, he knows how to negotiate in a manner that keeps the lines of communication open – thus leading to an agreement.

Next, your agent’s reputation will be a factor when the listing agent presents multiple offers to the home seller. Tom’s offers are looked upon favorably because listing agents know his buyers either have the cash or have been pre-approved for their mortgage loan. They also know that he’ll do his share of the work while behaving in a professional, pleasant, and cooperative manner.

Other San Diego County agents know us and know Tom delivers results for our clients.

If you’re ready to own a San Diego home, get in touch. You can reach Tom by writing or by calling 619-929-1413.